Great Wolf Lodge – Vacation for Large Families

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Our family has been visiting Great Wolf Lodge for several years, and it’s one of our favorite places. On our most recent trip to Great Wolf Lodge, I noticed a lot of large families with 4 or more children. What I really love about Great Wolf Lodge is that it’s super family-friendly, especially for larger families. It can be a challenge to vacation with a larger (more than 4 people) family. Finding adequate lodging is usually the most expensive and difficult part. Most hotel rooms sleep 5 at best, and paying for additional hotel rooms gets costly. The reason we love Great Wolf Lodge is that they have reasonably priced rooms/suites that sleep up to 8 people. Not only do they have nicely sized rooms, but the cost of your water park admission is included in the room price (minimum room occupancy).

I wish more amusement and theme parks offered larger/more affordable rooms in their resorts. Not only can you get generously sized rooms at Great Wolf Lodge, but they also have many amenities that allow larger families to save money and relax more during their trip.

Here are a few reasons why Great Wolf Lodge is great for large families:

  1. Large Rooms – Great Wolf Lodge offers basic rooms that sleep 4 minimum and 6 maximum. From there, they have larger rooms and suites that can sleep up to 8 people.
  2. Room Amenities – Most rooms include a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and small sink area so families can have food in their rooms.
  3. Family Activities—They offer daily kid activities for various ages. These range from the clock tower show and cub club, which are great for little kids, to MagiQuest and arcade games, which are great for older kids.
  4. Customer Service—GWL offers excellent customer service. They offer room deliveries for coffee in the morning and dessert at night. The staff is always patient with children and accommodating to families’ needs.
  5. Convenience – GWL is constantly working to streamline and update its processes to make everything run smoothly for the guest. Your wristband is your room’s key and credit card. Towels are provided in the water park. Almost everything you need during your stay is easily accessible, ensuring you have plenty of time to have fun.

I appreciate vacation spots that accommodate large families. When you’re trying to wrangle your crew, it can often feel like you’re in the way or don’t belong, but I’ve never felt that way at Great Wolf Lodge.

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