Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Costume

Noah is almost always in costume. Costumes aren’t just used for Halloween around here, I collect costumes for the boys all year round.

When Jude was just 2 years old we bought him a Spider-Man costume for Halloween. We still have that costume and it is barely hanging together by a few threads. The boys had been asking for a new Spider-Man costume so we just got them a new one from Costume SuperCenter.

Photo Aug 26, 2 05 00 PM

Noah is absolutely in love with the new Spider-Man costume. It has built-in padded muscles and is made with very sturdy fabric. There is also a full-face mask that was a new feature the boys weren’t too sure what to think of at first but have since come to love it. Most costumes for this age range have half/eye only masks so the full face mask was a little awkward for them at first.

We received the size small which is ideal for children ages 4- 6. It’s a little bit long in the legs for my 4 year old but otherwise fits great. It’s definitely too large for my 2 year old but he doesn’t care, we just roll up the pants and sleeves. My 7 year old is on the small side so he can still fit in the costume although he’s not the one usually wearing it.

This is the third (or maybe fourth) costume we’ve received from Costume SuperCenter and we are always pleased with the quality of the costumes. Even though the costumes aren’t designed for everyday use they hold up pretty well against my 3 boys and their love of wearing costumes.

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