Jude’s Chore Chart for 2012

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With the new year comes new goals. And now that Jude is getting older we have started to implement daily chores and goals for him. I am a firm believer that children should learn personal responsibility at a young age. So even though Jude is only 3 years old he can learn to take responsibility for a few tasks each day. We are using the Goal For It Chore Chart to help establish a daily routine for him.
What I like about the Goal For It Chore Chart is that it is customizable so I can make it user-friendly for a 3 year old. They not only have household chores listed but behavioral and health goals. These are great especially for young children because simple things like washing your hands and eating your meal are sometimes difficult.
The Goal For It Chore Chart awards a digital sticker, which I let Jude pick, for each task he completes. You can assign a monetary reward for each task and select the days when they need to be complete. So if you need your child to help get ready for preschool but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays the chore chart accommodates that specialty. At the end of the week the result are tallied and reward a bigger digital sticker that reflects their success.

This is a fun way to keep track of daily chores and responsibilities for children. Goal For It also has similar charts for tweens, teens and adults so your whole family can participate in setting goals. I love check list so I’m extremely excited to try it out as a way to keep our family focus and organized in 2012.
Goal For It is 100% Free to use and is a great tool to help you meet your 2012 goals.

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