Capture the Everyday: Modern Technology – Networked

For weeks I’ve been wanting to join in the Capture the Everyday Photo Assignment over at Adventuroo but with recent move I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Well, now that we are getting life set up in the new house I’m ready to join the party.

This week’s assignment is: Modern Techology

Joe is a computer geek so we have an over abundance of technology in our home. He is currently setting up a whole house network that will allow us to access pretty much anything from any computer in our home. We have our entire CD catalog on the network and our thousands of pictures and other important files all linked together. It’s all pretty impressive but I have no idea how any of it works.
While it’s nowhere near competed this is essentially what Joe’s office looks like; wires, hard drives, routers, servers… 
I don’t touch anything because I will probably break it.

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

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  1. Oh I didn't even think of documenting the random room of the week that is our computer lab. We always have pieces and parts sitting around. Always.

  2. Oh, I SO know this. I totally and completely know this. Except for us, now, this is a corner of our living room. Where I sit now w/my laptop. And our desktop sits behind it. And so on and so forth!

  3. LOL at the toolbox prominently displayed on the shelf.

    I'm pretty good at opening stuff up, staring at it, and then screwing it back together. Beyond that, I leave all major tweaks and repairs to the professionals.

  4. That's the true view of a techie's house. Not just computers… but tools to MESS with the computers. My hubby is pretty good at that stuff too. Daddy Roo, his brother and dad replaced my laptop screen when I shattered it about six months ago!

    Thanks for joining in this week!

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