Week In My Life: Wednesday 10.12.11

I’m participating in Adventuroo‘s A Week In My Life

Another typical morning here in the Lieb house. Jude woke up around 7:30 so I too got up. I put on my gym clothes hoping to make it to the YMCA after Noah woke up.

I did my regular morning routine of dishes, laundry and giving Jude his breakfast. Then I ate my breakfast at the computer while Jude played in the playroom. As I took this picture of him playing I realized that the playroom (aka formal living room) majorly needed cleaning. So I set to work.



While I cleaned Jude “painted like Wallace and Grommet” and played with the toys I just put away. But I can’t really get upset at him for playing with his toys.

After cleaning the play room I vacuumed the living room. I think I broke the vacuum when I accidentally sucked up the bathroom mat. Now the brush won’t spin. Hopefully Joe can fix it.
About this time Noah woke up. 11 am-ish. My sleepy boy.
Jude loves to help me get Noah up. He’s a good big brother. 

I changed Noah and made him wear stripes from head to toe… too cute not to.

I had planned to go to the gym but since Noah slept so late that didn’t happen.

Then Joe came home for lunch and we ate left over tortellini soup.

Noah didn’t want daddy to leave.

After lunch Jude watched a little TV while I cleaned up and check my email. Noah hung out on the playmat in the office where he fell asleep. Unfortunately, he only slept for about 10 min there.

The afternoon was kind of slow Jude watched a little TV while I tried to get Noah to take a nap. He had trouble getting to sleep so I put him in the Boba.

Then the UPS man brought us a box.

Then Jude helped me get the mail. And Jude befriended our neighbor’s daughter who is in college. We also tried to make a ghost to hang outside but it didn’t turn out very well.

And I made Jude and I peanut butter, banana and chocolate smoothies. (With Noah still in the Boba.) Finally, Noah fell asleep so I transferred him to the bed and hopped in the shower while Jude watched Sid the Science Kid.

After my shower I checked email and then started dinner around 5:30 pm. I roasted a red pepper. I LOVE roasting red peppers. I didn’t finish dinner because Joe said he would be late.

So Jude and I did a little coloring with the Grab and Go Play Packs from the Target $1 bin.

Then sometime after 6pm Joe said he was on his way home so I had Jude help me prepare the broccoli. For dinner we had roasted red pepper chicken with rice and broccoli. It was good but Jude didn’t really want to eat anything. Ironically, he mostly ate the broccoli. He wasn’t being a good listener so he went straight to bed. Joe started getting him ready while I fed Noah and then I took over.

Jude picked out and put on his own pajamas.

Kissed Noah good night

Kissed Daddy good night


Then we read some books (we almost always read Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton). Then we sang our regular songs: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had A Little Lamb, and Jesus Loves Me. Then prayers where Jude prayer for “Mommy and Daddy and Noah and Jude and Grandma and Boogie and Grammie and PaPop, and Avery-Mae and Jacob.”

After Jude went to bed Joe and snuggled in the bed with Noah and after he finally went to sleep we sat on the couch and watched the Wednesday night shows.


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