Week In My Life: Friday 10.14.11

I’m participating in Adventuroo‘s A Week In My Life
I managed to get up before Noah woke up which is nice because then I just have Jude to take care of for a little bit. I did my regular routine of dishes, laundry, breakfast and email. 
Jude played birds (aka Angry Birds) on my phone. 
I cleaned the cooktop.
 In case you are wondering I used Affresh Cooktop Cleaner. (review coming soon)
Jude helped me change the sheets on his bed.
Then Noah woke up and after getting everyone ready we headed to the YMCA.
I did a spin class while both of the boys stayed in childcare. (I should note that a kinda hot guy hit on me in spin class. It was a nice little boost to my self esteem but also a little creepy. Gym guys creep me out)I met up with Andrea of lil-kid-things and gave her the Sono gift card she won. Our boys also played together in the childcare, they are best buds.
After the YMCA we went home, I fed Noah, took a shower and made a quick lunch of PB&J for Jude and I. Then we headed to North Hills Shopping Center, it one of Jude’s favorite places to go (and mine too.)  They have a Target, Toy Store, Ice Cream Shop, Chick-Fil-A and 3 Starbucks! Jude always has to push the elevator button.
First stop, the Toy Store. 
Right off the bat Jude found the birds from Angry Birds!
Then the cars
And of course Thomas and his Friends.
Noah slept the whole time.
Then we headed down to Target. Jude is potty training and does pretty well with the peeing part but number 2 is a whole other story. So I had to buy wipes 1st and then change his pants. (Thank goodness for the Family Bathroom at Target.
So after Jude got clean pants we picked up a few things and then I let Jude check out the Toy section for awhile.
I wanted to try out the new Leap Frog Leap Pad but the store display only plays a demo and doesn’t actually let your child try it out. booo 🙁
Then Noah woke up so that was our cue to leave. When we got home Jude watched a little TV while I took care of Noah. We snuggled on the bed and he had tummy time and showed me his rolling over skills.
Then Noah went to sleep again so I rearranged the office and organized some stuff. (It’s still a work in progress)
Jude played in his playroom and then played the color game again.
Jude and I went outside to check the mail which hadn’t arrived so we colored with the chalk. 
He colored on pretty much anything I would let him. trees, steps, his basketball goal, leaves. I said no to the coloring on the car.
Then the mailman brought us the mail. He even waved at us.
Then Jude ran around in the yard for a bit until daddy came home from work. We’d planned to go out for pizza but it was almost 7pm by the time Joe got home so we just ate a frozen pizza and watched Wallace and Gromit. (1245th time this week) I was pretty tired so I stopped taking pictures but we put Jude to bed. Noah snuggled on the couch with Joe and I and then we eventually put him to bed. We watched some weird Dateline episode about people killing their spouses and then a few reruns of shows the Office. I fell asleep on the couch and then we went to bed.

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