Week In My Life: Thursday 10.13.11

I’m participating in Adventuroo‘s A Week In My Life 

When I woke up both boys got up too so it was kind of a hectic morning.

I tackled the dishes while Jude ate his breakfast and Noah fell asleep in the bouncy seat.

While Noah napped Jude and I did a few puzzles and played the color game. He’s having a hard time learning the colors but I think this game is really helping him get it.

After Noah woke up Joe asked if I would be able to bring him lunch and a coffee because he was working on a big project. 

So I loaded up the boys. Jude of course had to bring a toy with him.

We stopped at Chick-fil-a to pick up some lunch for all of us.

Next we stopped at Jubala Village Coffee to get Joe a latte.

Then we dropped it off to Joe at work.

Finally we went home.

Jude watched a little TV (Wallace and Gromit)

while I fed Noah and introduced him to his new friend.

And Noah found his feet

Then we loaded up in the car again to head to Jude’s Swim Lessons. On the way we stopped at Starbucks for a second shot at that Salted Caramel Chocolate Creme I didn’t get on Tuesday. They got it right today!

Jude had a chocolate milk.

We parked in the “parent” parking at the Y.

We go there a little early and Jude was such a good boy and sat patiently waiting for class to start.

Jude had his swim lesson and then we headed home.

At some point while we were away the power went out and my crockpot dinner stopped cooking. 🙁 But I think it was only about 30 min away from being done when we left so I resumed it to cook.

Joe informed me that he was going to be late coming home so I went ahead and fed Jude and got both boys ready for bed by myself. (No pictures of this because Jude was super crankipants.)

Alas, it’s after 8pm and Joe still isn’t home so I’m writing this post. He’s been at work for over 12 straight hours*. That man works hard and I love him.

*Joe didn’t get off work until sometime at 9:30 pm at which point he ate dinner, we watched a little tv and then went to bed.


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