The Liebs go to the NC State Fair

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Yesterday, Joe took a half day and we went to the NC State Fair. Joe and I have gone to the fair every year we’ve been together. Ironically neither of us enjoy large crowds but somehow each year we procure free tickets and end up going anyway. However, we always have a great time and power through our distaste for large groups of people to eat some yummy food.

This year I won tickets from the NC State Fair Blog, Deep Fried, because they choose my press challenge, to turn clay at the Village of Yesteryear. (I dedicate that challenge to my friend Paige from Love Sown who is an excellent potter – the only potter I know for that matter) I actually won tickets last year the same way by suggesting they milk a cow.

Joe loves the fair primarily for the food. (OK, I think most people like the fair primarily for the food)
He likes it so much he even made a list of foods he wanted to eat while at the fair.

Here is his list:
frozen banana
NC State Ice Cream
caramel apple to go
boiled peanuts
Wisconsin cheese

Here is what we actually ate:
lunch – Neomonde!
frozen banana
NC State Ice Cream
caramel apple to go
boiled peanuts
Deep Fried Koolaid (shared amongst friends)

Jude also ate some chicken tenders and a NC State Chocolate Milk.

We didn’t ride any rides but we did see a few exhibits, animals and let Jude play at the UNC-TV Kids Tent.
It was a fun easy going day with perfect weather.

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