PEEK in my Closet

One of the sacrifices we made when we moved into this larger house was a downgrade in our bedroom closets. In our old house Joe and I each had a full-sized closet to ourselves. In this house we are sharing 1 standard size closet. It’s tight.
There is some order to it but ultimately there are way too many clothes. It’s also pretty dark in there so most of our clothes don’t get worn. Granted I still have my maternity clothes and my regular clothes so that takes up more space. 

The very top shelf is very high and doesn’t have a lot of clearance between it and the ceiling so we don’t have much up there. (We did find an AA Handbook up there when we moved it. Guess it goes well with the empty beer cans we found in the bathroom drawer.)

The left side is for dresses, suits and my tops (I don’t have a lot of tops that require hanging). The shelf above is for both of our sweaters. The top right is for Joe’s pants… and shirts… and ties. It’s jam packed. The bottom right is for my pants. (It seems like I have a lot of pants but it’s really just maternity pants, fat pants, the one-day-they-will-fit pants and the ones I actually wear.)

All of our shoes are on the floor. Joe’s are actually hiding under my pants. My shoes, most of which I dont’ wear, are stacked in a crate and all the way back behind the dresses.

I plan to go through our clothes and purge the one we just never wear but it hasn’t happened yet. 

Do you share a closet with your spouse?
How do you organize your closet.

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