Preschool Daily Chore Charts

Most young children thrive in a structured environment and Jude is no exception. We may ask him to do the same thing every day but he might throw a fit one day and be compliant the next. I’m learning that building structure into our everyday activities has helped cut back on tantrums A LOT!
When Jude knows what is expected of him and is given the opportunity to complete given tasks without being asked he thrives. So yesterday Jude and I made chore charts.
We made a Morning Chore Chart and an Evening Chore Chart. While I wouldn’t normally consider these tasks “chores” they are the first step in creating a responsible and proactive child. 
Our Morning Chore Chart consists of 4 tasks that must be done every morning.
1. Go Potty
2. Get Dressed
3. Eat Breakfast
4. Play
I included Play as the 4th step so Jude understand that he can play only after he has completed the first 3 steps.
Our Evening Chore Chart consists another of 4 tasks.
1. Brush Your Teeth
2. Put on Pajamas
3. Read Books
4. Go To Bed
Again I included Going To Bed as the final step so Jude would understand what we were working toward and what the end goal was. 
Obviously we include a few other steps into our morning and evening routines but I wanted to keep our Chore Chart to a simple 4 steps so he wouldn’t get overwhelmed. As Jude gets older and begins to master these 4 steps we will add and alter our chore chart as needed. 
Do you have Chore Charts for your children?
What kind of “chores” are they required to do?

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