How Free is Debt Free

Yesterday’s post reminded me of an article I read (I can’t remember where) about a family that became debt free after the husband worked 3 jobs for several years. He slept about 3 hours a day and didn’t get much time off to spend with his wife and kids. But after 3 years (or something like that) they were completely debt free.

Now I’m a big supporter of paying off debts and living a debt free lifestyle but I’m also a big supporter of family. What is it costing you and your family to be “financially free”? I mean 3 years (thereabout) is a big chunk of your life, especially the life of a child. I can’t imagine missing almost 3 years of Jude’s life. I mean he’s only 2 year old.

The way I see it, when Jude gets older he won’t remember how much money we had or didn’t have, but he will remember the time we spent together. When I was born my family was on food stamps, but I didn’t know that until I was well into my 20’s. What I remember most about my childhood is my dad teach me how to swim, baking cookies with my mom and Saturday morning family snuggles in my parent’s bed. That’s how I want Jude to remember his childhood.
Morning Cuddles with my dad and brother. I’m the cute chubby one.
Dessert with Dad
It was the 80’s. Thanks mom for the perm.
(Note: I do think “financial freedom” is overall good. Joe and I are working toward a goal for our family to be debt free but we plan to enjoy life along the way. Additionally, there are seasons in life when sacrifices must be made, like our upcoming month with no Saturdays. )

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