Firsts for Jude


Since Jude is only 5 weeks old there are alot of “First Time Experiences” he has that we get to document. Over the past two weeks he has made many great accomplishments. Here are a few.

He went to his first wedding a few weeks ago and last weekend he went to his second. He will have attended 3 weddings before he turns 2 months old since in two weeks we are going to Wisconsin for DJ and Zoya’s wedding. That will also be his first trip, plane ride, time staying in a hotel, going to another state… and many more.

At his second wedding he wore shoes for the first time. These shoe were given to him by the Witchgers at my baby shower. He looks super cool with his red kicks and his red guitar onesie!

Jude met his great grandparents for the first time two weeks ago. Everyone loves baby Jude!


Yesterday Jude saw his first movie, Wall-E. We planned on seeing the movie the day it was released in theaters but I was a little preoccupied. (It was released on June 27th, Jude’s birthday!) Granted he slept through most of the movie but he was fascinated by the big screen with all the colors and lights!

Last night Jude also slept in his own bed. For the past several weeks he has been sleeping with us in his SnuggleNest in between Joe and I. Which was great for middle of the night feedings and not worrying about him in the night but didn’t give us much room in the bed to sleep. So we moved his SnuggleNest to the Pack N Play Bassinet and he slept for 6.5 hours in his own bed!


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