What a Wednesday


Yesterday Jude and I decided to get out and go to the mall… mainly to pick up a wedding gift and get some lunch. After we ate, walked around a bit and bought the wedding gift we headed to the car. The sky looked dark with rain clouds so we thought we should head home. After loading up the car with Jude, wedding gifts, diaper bags and the stroller we were ready to go, however my car was not. I turned the key and nothing happened… not even a click. I realized my battery was dead so I called Joe to come jump my car. Luckily we were parked in the parking deck so the impending rain wasn’t an issue. It was hot and muggy outside so I pulled out the stroller and took Jude back inside to wait for Joe. About 25 minutes later Joe arrived and started messing with the car we tried to jump it a couple of times but nothing happened. At this point we realized it was probably completely dead. Fortunately, we were at the mall so Joe headed over to the Sears Auto Center to look for a new battery. In the time being Jude woke up and let me know he was ready to eat. So I sat in Joe’s car with the air on and fed the little man. Only about 10 minutes later Joe returned without a battery realizing he didn’t have enough information to buy a new one. I turned off his car and then realized it too wouldn’t start… we completely drained his battery while attempting to charge mine. At this point it was pouring rain, which we were still dry because of the parking deck and we were all a little frustrated. I called my parents for advice and they decided to come over and assist. Joe took both batteries out of the cars and loaded them into the stroller to cart them across the mall to Sears. Jude and I headed inside to wait in the air conditioned food court. While Joe was in Sears my parents arrived and my dad helped Joe install the new batteries and my mom helped me with Jude (Who by they way was really great the whole time!) Finally several hours after Jude and I first arrived at the mall we were able to go home. My dad and Joe were still installing his new battery when we left but my car was working fine. Almost an hour later Joe still hadn’t come home and I started to worry… it turns out the battery for his car wasn’t the right kind so he took it back to sears where they gave him a bit of trouble for returning a “used” battery but he persuaded them to return it and was finally able to get a proper battery installed in his car.

All the while Joe, Jude and I were fighting colds, we missed our chiropractor appointment and Joe missed band practice at church… but in the end we have two new car batteries and everyone is ok.

What a Day.


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