The Olympics of Brisco County, Jr.

So yesterday, as most of you know, the Olympics started in Beijing, so Jessica and I turned on the opening ceremony on TV after the Simpsons was over. And watched all 4 hours of it. It was kinda neat, but also it was pretty long and got kinda boring after a while. Fortunately, I was in the comfort of my own home and could read comic books, unlike a certain current US president who appeared to be pretty bored and uncomfortable at the opening ceremony. So anyways, after 4 hours of reading Alan Moore stories while nobody actually competed or won anything, the ceremony ended and the NBC guys started talking about the actual sports part of the olympics. Normally, when someone starts talking about sports, I react one of two ways: A) stop paying attention, B) ask “who’s winning the match” in my best Derek Zoolander voice. 4 hours is plenty of time to do both of those things, and I was debating whether to brush my teeth or play with Jude some more, when something very familiar met my ears. It was THEME MUSIC. AFter several seconds I placed it as the theme to The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.; my favorite wild west sci-fi time travel show starring my favorite B-movie actor, Bruce Campbell. Looking up at the TV however, I did not see Mr. Cambpell or any cowboys or anything of the sort, just the NBC guys still talking about sports. That rather confused me, so I ventured downstairs to ask wikipedia what was going on with that. Wikipedia confirmed that I wasn’t losing my mind, and that NBC had in fact stolen the theme song from Brisco County, Jr. in an attempt to make Olympic competition more exciting. I’m not sure if it worked or not, since I was actually excited for a few seconds because I thought Brisco County was coming on, but that excitement was immediately followed by disappointment that I was seeing announcer guys talk about sports instead of wild west cowboys and crazy inventions. So, NBC, if you’re listening, I don’t think you took it far enough. If you really want to make me care about the Olympics to the point that I stay glued to the TV for 2 weeks straight and buy everything I see advertised, here’s what you should do: Get Bruce Campbell to comment on the Olympics, play-by-play, in his trademark shmarmy Bruce-Campbelly style. So yeah, lets see what you guys can do about making that happen.


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