The Ultimate Disney World Packing List


Are you worried you might have forgotten something important when packing for Disney World? That’s why we have created this all-inclusive Disney World Packing List. This guide includes essential items and innovative products to make your park days more enjoyable. It contains over 50 unique gadgets to make your trip more comfortable.

First, we will discuss some must-have items to enhance your Disney experience. Then, we will provide a comprehensive downloadable checklist of the items you may already have.

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Purchase Before You Travel

Before you leave for your Disney vacation, order what you need from and have it shipped directly to your resort. Remember that the resort will charge a $6 handling fee for all packages received, except for grocery deliveries. We suggest packing light and only taking what you need to enhance your trip. Use the free printable Disney World Packing list below to help you pack.

Keep Everything Charged

You will use your cell phone greatly during your Disney vacation. The My Disney Experience app includes your hotel room key, park ticket, map, Genie+ planner, mobile food order, and checkout. Not to mention all the photos you want to take of your vacation. Keeping your devices charged is essential. Here are a few of our favorite charging devices for on-the-go and in your hotel room.

Anker Nano Portable Charger – This pocket-sized charger has a built-in lightning connector, making it easy to charge your Apple devices without carrying an extra cable.

Compact Portable Charger – This power bank charges your iPhone 14 twice.

Anker Small Battery—Thanks to its ultra-compact and lightweight design, you can easily carry this charger with you wherever you go.

What’s in Your Park Bag?

Your park bag should contain everything you and your family need for your day at Disney. What you bring into the park depends on your family’s size and the kids’ ages. You will likely want to bring a backpack to hold all your necessities.

Autograph Book – Bring an autograph book to character meet and greets for a fun souvenir and better interactions.

Repel Travel Umbrella – Be prepared for Florida’s mid-afternoon thunderstorms with a travel umbrella.

Sukeen Cooling Towel 4-Pack—Florida is hot most of the year, and people spend much time outside. These cooling towels are an easy way to stay cool when waiting in long lines for rides.

5 Packs of Ponchos—These ponchos protect you from afternoon showers. They’ll keep your Disney day going even in the rain.

Body Glide Anti-Chafing Stick—Avoid chafing with Body Glide. Moisture and heat are not a good combination, but an anti-chafing stick will prevent your skin from developing a painful rash.

Moleskin for Blisters – Stop blisters before they become a burden with Moleskin. You will walk a lot, so be prepared for a blister.

Brita Water Filter Water Bottle – The water in Florida can be unpleasant to drink, so consider using a filtered water bottle.

Collapsible Water Bottle – A collapsible water bottle is a great way to minimize the space in your bag.

Reusable Straws – Disney uses biodegradable straws that start to biodegrade in your drink. Many people prefer to bring their own reusable straws.

Apple AirTag 4 Pack – Keep track of your stroller, bag, or even kids when an Apple AirTag.

Stroller Fan – Give little ones a break from the heat with a stroller fan.

Stroller Hook – A stroller hook is perfect for attaching all your purchases and water bottles or even for kids to hold on to while walking through the park.

Noise-Canceling Headphones – Protect little one’s ears from loud music or fireworks with noise-canceling headphones.

Neck Fan – Keep cool while walking around the parks with a personal neck fan.

Glow Sticks—Your kids will love playing with glow sticks while they wait for the fireworks to start.

Bubble Wand – Your kids will want you to buy the overpriced bubble wand, so come prepared with one from home.

Sanitizing Wipes – Germs are everywhere. You will use sanitizing wipes to clean so many things throughout the day.

Sunscreen Stick – Protect your skin from the harsh Florida sun with an easy-to-apply sunscreen stick.

Hair Sunscreen – You might not think of applying sunscreen to your hair, but it’s the best way to protect your scalp from the sun’s rays.

Sunscreen – This sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Hanging Shoe Organizer – Hang this shoe organizer on the back of your stroller to keep water bottles organized.

Mickey Wet Bag – Store any wet or dirty clothes in this adorable Disney-themed wet bag.

Packing Essentials

In addition to everything on our Disney World Packing list below, these essentials will make your trip go smoothly. A few well-thought-out items can make a difference from your travel days to your hotel stays.

Packing Cubes – Keep everything organized and tidy in your suitcase with packing cubes.

Neck Pillow – Avoid getting a cramp in your neck on a light flight with a neck pillow.

Downy Wrinkle Release—Most hotels have an iron, but who wants to iron on vacation? Downy wrinkle release is an easy way to get rid of wrinkles.

Sleep Headphones—It can be hard to sleep in a noisy hotel room. This combination of sleep mask and headphones will help you get a good night’s rest.

Pop-up Hamper – Put all your dirty clothes in a convenient place with a pop-up hamper. It stores easily in your suitcase.

Disney Tote Bag – Perfect for taking your belongings to the pool or bringing home all your souvenirs.

Luggage Scale – Avoid fees for overweight luggage with this travel-size luggage scale.

Mouse Ear Scrunchies – Put your hair up with these colorful and fun mouse ear hair ties.

Travel Fan – Many people use a fan at night to sleep. This travel-size fan will help you sleep better in your hotel room.

Room Spray – Keep your hotel room smelling fresh with travel-size room spray.

Hanging Closet Organizer—Many hotel rooms have limited storage, so this is an easy way to keep our clothes folded and organized.

Clothes Pins – Throw a few clothes pins in your bag in case you need to keep curtains closed or hang wet clothes.

Goggles—Your Disney hotel has a pool, so remember to bring goggles for the kids.

Minnie Kids Luggage – Your kids will be excited to bring kid-size Minnie Mouse luggage to Disney World.

What Not to Bring to Disney World

Disney World has a list of prohibited items. However, there are some things you don’t need to bring on your Disney trip.

  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Walt Disney World resorts provide luxury soaps and shampoos. You can use the hotel’s amenities unless you prefer to bring your own.
  • Towels. Bath towels and beach towels are provided at the Disney World resorts.
  • Folding chair. Folding chairs aren’t allowed in the Disney theme parks.
  • Bug spray. Disney has a whole program related to mosquito prevention. If needed, you can also get complimentary insect repellent at Guest Services.
  • Life jackets. Each Walt Disney World resort and water park provides these in various sizes.
  • Stroller wagon. Wagons and stroller wagons are not allowed at Disney parks for medical reasons.
  • Pack n’ Play. The Disney resorts provide pack n’ plays (or cribs) with sheets upon request.

Tips for Packing for Disney World

Pack for the Weather

Pack comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes. You don’t have to buy a new wardrobe to go to Disney World; use what you already have, but make sure it’s comfortable. During the warmer months, athletic wear is usually the best option. Wear moisture-wicking shorts and shirts, lightweight materials, and absolutely no jeans. In the winter, bring layers. Winters in Florida can get cold, especially at night.

Pack Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

The clothes and shoes you pack should be for comfort. You don’t need to dress up for a day walking around Disney World. When you walk a lot each day, comfortable shoes are a must-have.

Get Groceries Delivered

Did you know you can order groceries to be delivered to your Disney hotel? You don’t even need to be present for the delivery. If you’re staying at a Disney resort, Bell Services can take care of your groceries, including refrigerated items. This way, you can enjoy your day at the park and pick up your groceries when you return to the resort.

Leave Room for Souvenirs

If you overpack your suitcases, you may not have enough space for the souvenirs you bought with your hard-earned money!

Free Disney World Packing List

Use this Disney World Packing List to help you pack for your Disney vacation.

Disney World Packing List

FAQ: What to Pack for Disney World

When should I start packing for my Disney World vacation?

Start packing for your Disney World trip a few days in advance. This will give you ample time to ensure you have everything you need and prevent any last-minute stress. Use our Disney World Packing List to ensure you don’t forget anything.

What should I wear to Disney?

Please note that Disney theme parks have specific dress codes that must be followed by all guests. Outfits that drag on the ground or cover your face are not allowed. Inappropriate clothing or tattoos may result in denial of entry into the park. Proper attire, including shirts and shoes, must always be worn. Additionally, guests 14 or older are prohibited from wearing costumes unless attending a special event, such as a Halloween party.

What type of bag should I bring to Disney?

If you plan to carry multiple loose items such as sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, portable chargers, etc., it is advisable to bring a backpack or purse to Disney. However, please note that the bag size should not exceed 24 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 18 inches in height.

Can I bring my own food for Disney?

Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverages with them into Disney World theme parks. You may pack your snacks in a bag or backpack. Coolers are permitted if your food needs to be cooled as long as they are smaller than 24 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 18 inches in height. Please note that loose ice and dry ice are not allowed, so it is recommended that you bring ice packs instead.

What to pack for Disney World in the Summer?

Preparing for hot and potentially rainy weather is best if you plan to visit Disney World in the summer. It is recommended to bring cooling gear such as a stroller fan or portable fan and cooling towels to stay cool. In addition, it is advisable to bring rain gear such as ponchos, a small umbrella, and a stroller rain cover.

What to pack for Disney World in the Winter?

In the winter, Disney World can get cold, so pack layers like a sweatshirt or jacket, especially for the morning and evening.

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