Amazon Must-Haves for Your Disney Trip


To prepare for our Disney World trip, we bought a few things from Amazon to help make our journey easier, affordable, and more relaxing. Disney World is super expensive, so we are all in if there are any ways to save money. Some of the times we’ve bought will help us save money at Disney, while others will make us a little more comfortable.

We will stay in a Disney World resort for a week, all 6 of us in one hotel room. We bought many things to keep our hotel room more organized, helpful, and comfortable. We also bought a lot of things to combat the heat. Even though we are going in late September, it will still be hot. Living in the South, I know how hot, humid, and miserable it will be, so I’m doing everything possible to keep us comfortable.

For Wearing

T-shirts – AI bought an affordable Disney-themed shirt for each kid to surprise them when we get to Disney World. That shirt will be associated with our Disney trip without the Disney prices.

Bike Shorts – I have a few pairs of bike shorts with oversized Disney shirts that are great to wear. They also prevent chafing.

Bermuda Shorts – These are great elastic waist shorts, super comfortable, and easy to wear with anything.

Slip Shorts – I highly recommend wearing these under skirts or dresses to prevent chafing.

Shoes – Brooks are my favorite; they offer great support based on how you walk.

For the Airplane

Suitcases – We bought 3 of these Samsonite Freeform 24″ Spinner suitcases.

GoWraps – Brightly colored luggage handle wraps.

Headphones – Each of our kids will bring a pair of kid-sized headphones to use with their iPad.

Kids Carry-On Bags – We bought kid-size day packs for our kids to use as carry-on bags.

Pop-Its – Kids are really into these fidget toys and have been asking for them for months.

Imagine Ink – Mess-free activity for the plane

iPads – Each of our kids will bring their iPad

For the Hotel Room

Travel Fan – Our family is used to sleeping with a fan at night, so we have a small travel fan we will use in our hotel room.

Room Spray – 6 people in 1 room, room spray is a must

Hanging Closet Organizer – We have six people staying together in one hotel room, and storage is limited, so this is an easy way to keep our clothes folded and organized.

Clothes Pins – I’m throwing a few clothes pins in our bag just in case we need to keep curtains clothes or hang up wet clothes.

Tote Bag – We are bringing a few small tote bags ideal for carrying our stuff from the room to the pool and an easy way to take our souvenirs home.

Goggles – Our hotel has a pool, so we bring goggles for our kids because they typically wear them while swimming.

Power Strip – We have a lot of electronics that need to be charged. Setting up a charging location around one central outlet in your room is nice.

Make-up Bag – I like this bag because I can easily find everything I need without digging through it, and there are little dividers and pockets to keep all of my makeup sorted.

For the Park

Portable Fan – We rent a stroller, so this portable fan will keep our little ones cool while in the stroller.

Backpack – I thought this backpack was adorable and will be our park bag every day.

Cooling Towels – Florida is hot; anything we can bring to keep us cool, like cooling towels, is a must.

Carabiner – We will attach this to our stroller so we can easily store shopping bags or other items right on the side of the stroller.

Reusable Straws – Disney uses paper straws which fall apart reasonably easily

Water Bottles – Buying bottled water in Disney is crazy expensive; we are bringing a few water bottles to fill up at fill stations around the park.

Ponchos – It regularly rains in Florida; you never know when you need a poncho or umbrella.

Anti-Chafing – It’s hot and humid, which is ideal for chafing, and we want to perfect chafing at all costs.


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