DIY Charging Station for iPads and Tablets

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Families have many devices, and of course, everything needs to be charged at all times. Instead of having charging cables floating around the house, create a charging station. A charging station helps keep all devices charged and makes it easy for kids to find the devices they need.

How to Create A Hanging Charging Station

This charging station will accommodate multiple devices, such as iPads, Amazon Fire Tables, school laptops, and headphones. A hanging charging station frees up much-needed counter space and is easily accessible for children.

Use A File Organizer

This 8-tier wall file organizer is from Amazon. (Here are some smaller organizer options: 5-tier wall file organizer and 3-tier wall file organizer) It easily fits iPads with most iPad Cases, which is great for kids because kids are tough on tablets.

Secure it to the Wall.

Use wall anchors because kids are not gentle. When they repeatedly take devices in and out, it will put a great deal of strain on the screws and drywall. 

Power Supply

Use this power strip and longer lightning cables so all chargers can be in one spot and cords are long enough to reach all the devices.

Add a Sign

Download this free sign to hang above your charging station.

Why Create A Charging Station

Creating a family charging station makes it easy for everyone to store and charge their devices in one spot. There are many benefits to creating a device charging station in your home.

Keeps Devices Out of Kids’ Bedrooms

Studies show that keeping technology in your bedroom disrupts sleep and makes it harder for children to fall asleep.

Eliminates Clutter

Keep devices and chargers in one well-organized area, making your home less cluttered.

Promotes Healthy Screen Time Habits

Having designated places to store devices helps parents manage screen time more efficiently.

Need a place for cell phones and smartwatches? Check out our Kitchen Counter Charging Station and organizer.


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