Is the iPad a Good Tablet for Kids?

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There are many great Kid’s Tablets including the iPad. Most parents said that they prefer the iPad as a tablet for their children.

iPads can be great for kids but may not always be the best option for your family.

Why You Shouldn’t Get An iPad for Your Kid

  1. iPads aren’t specifically designed for kids. While iPads are great for kids they were designed for general use, not just for kids. They don’t offer as robust parental controls or child-friendly content.
  2. iPads aren’t durable. Most tablets that are designed for kids are very durable. Kids are rough on their things and screens on iPads are easily broken. If you use an iPad we highly recommend a durable case like the Speck Case-E or Avawo Kids Case.
  3. iPads are expensive. There are many great alternative tablets for kids that are more affordable.

The iPad is an excellent tablet and offers quality educational apps for kids. An iPad as a tablet for kids can be pretty pricey. If you decide to invest in an iPad for your child make sure you buy a good case and warranty.

Why You Should Get An iPad for Your Kid

  1. iPads have an extensive collection of apps available in the App Store.
  2. iPads are fasters. Faster processing speeds means less frustrated children.
  3. iPads have more storage and longer battery life.
  4. iPads have high-quality cameras.
  5. iPads offer parental controls that limit screen time, require approval for app purchases and block unapproved content.
  6. iPads grow with your child. Most kids will outgrow the tablets designed for kids rather quickly.

Which Tablet Should I Get?

Best on a Budget – Amazon Fire 7 Kids

Best for Young Kids – LeapFrog LeapPad Academy

Best for Older Kids – iPad 9th Generation

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  1. Valid points. I dread having to deal with technology as my LO gets older. I also didn’t realize iPads didn’t have parental controls. And, you are absolutely right it isn’t very durable for kids. Thanks for this. Something to think about for the future.

  2. It’s also a pretty valuable piece of technology if it happens to get lost, which will probably happen. Friend of mine was letting her 4-year-old use an ipad and he lost it. Then nagged for months and months for a new one.
    The first technology my kids will use will be a desktop computer so we can supervise, that’s for sure. Tablets and smartphones allow for too much secrecy at a vulnerable age. At some point, they’ll work their way around parental controls too.

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