Rainbow Stars Craft Project


Since staying home all day, we’ve taken to doing different family-friendly crafts every week. One of the things we like to do is decorate the front of our house for people out on their daily walks to enjoy. We’ve decorated our home with paper hearts and colorfully decorated paper Easter eggs. Right now, we have rainbow stars hanging up in our windows. These are relatively simple to make and only require kite paper and tape.

This is a simple project that kids can do with minimal help from parents. We like to hang out rainbow stars in the front windows of our house because rainbows are a symbol of hope and they are beautiful when the sunlight streams through the window.

How to make Rainbow Stars

1. Select 8 sheets of kite paper. You can use any variation of colors or even all the same colors… it’s really up to you.

2. Take one piece of paper and fold it in half.

3. Unfold it. Turn and fold it in half the other direction.

4. Unfold and you will see an X in the middle of our paper.

5. Turn your paper to make a diamond shape.

6. Take the top corner of the paper and fold it down toward the middle point created by your X.

7. Continue to fold each corner in to the middle until you have a smaller diamond shape.

8. Next take the top right side of the paper and fold it to meet the middle line.

9. Repeat with the top left side to meet the middle line.

When you flip your paper over it will look like a kite…

10. Repeat this process with all 8 pieces of paper. After you have made your kite papers into kite shapes you will tape them together. Line up the top left edge with the middle line and tape.

11. Continue taping together all 8 pieces. You may want to tape down some of the loose flaps when taping them together.

The Final Product

I hope you enjoy making rainbow stars with your family. If you decide to make these, please tag me on Instagram @bkeepsushonest. I’d love to see your creations!


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