National Licorice Day is on Friday

Friday, April 12th is National Licorice Day.

Did you know that more than 30,000 tons of Red Vines are made each year— or more than 400,000 miles of licorice that’s —enough to wrap around the Earth more than 16 times!

red vines

The American Licorice Company has been producing licorice for 33 years and produce Red Vines and Natural Vines. They make Red Vines, Grape Vines, Natural Vines and more! Licorice is derived from the licorice root, which is derived from the Greek word that means “sweet root”. For centuries licorice was used to treat peptic ulcers, sore throats and coughs but it makes for a delicious candy since it’s 50 times sweeter than sugar.

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Joe really likes black licorice so he was excited to try Natural Vines. I like Red Vines and the boys tried Grape Vines for the first time and they were a big hit.


What flavor of licorice do you like?

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