Alcohol Ink Art Tutorial

One of my favorite hobbies is creating art with alcohol ink. Last Christmas the boys and I made Alcohol Ink Ornaments. They were super easy and fun to make. But I also like to make artwork for my home using alcohol ink. It’s super easy and the results are always unique.

The key to creating beautiful alcohol ink art is using the right supplies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Yupo Paper

Alcohol Ink (I prefer the Jacquard brand)

Alcohol Blending Solution or 91% Alcohol



Surface Cover (I used a plastic tablecloth)

Clear Varnish

How to Use Alcohol Ink

Prep Your Area

Alcohol ink absorbs into most surfaces, so preparing your work area is a must. I cover my table with a plastic tablecloth and have plenty of paper towels on hand to clean up any spills.

I place a generous amount of blending solution in a bowl and use the dropper to add it to my paper. This gives me more control over where the solution is placed.

Add Ink, Add Alcohol… Have Fun

Place one sheet of Yupo paper on a flat, covered surface.

I use two different techniques: wet surface and dry surface. To use the Wet Surface Technique, apply a thin layer of alcohol blending solution all over your paper, then add the colors. To use the Dry Surface Technique, simply apply the ink directly to the paper. The Wet Surface Technique gives a more fluid and less controlled look, whereas the Dry Surface Technique allows for more control of the color.

Play around with your color blends. I like to start with one color, and then when I feel I’ve placed that color where I want it I add the next. *If you want to use metallic inks, I think adding them at the end is best.

Use the dropper to add the Alcohol Blending Solution gives the ink more movement and distribution without adding more color.

Use the straw to blow the ink and solution around the paper to create a new movement.

You can pick up the paper and tilt it or move it around.

Dry and Varnish

Once you have your artwork created, you want to allow the alcohol ink to dry completely. Do not move your artwork until it is dry.

Then, you will want to apply a thin layer of varnish to secure your image. Alcohol ink needs to be sealed because moisture can react with ink.

That’s it.

My advice is to buy a pack of 5 x 7 Yupo Paper and play around with the ink. Get a feel for how it moves and blends. Try a few different techniques and do what feels best for you. The great thing about alcohol ink is that it doesn’t take a lot of skill or time, the alcohol does most of the work.

Make beautiful Alcohol Ink Ornaments

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