10 Best Potty Training Books

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Every parent knows that potty training can be a struggle. You can try all of the different potty training techniques, and still not accomplish dry pants all day. Reading potty training books helps introduce the concept of potty training, gives step-by-step instructs, and helps kids overcome potty training worries.

Best Potty Training Books

Daniel Goes to the Potty
If you haven’t seen the episode of Daniel Tiger where he sings, “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away.” I highly recommend it. It’s a catchy song and kids love it. This book is just a retelling of that episode my kids love it just as much as the tv show. Plus there is a button to flush the potty.

P is for Potty! Sesame Street
There are several potty training books with Elmo and the Sesame Street crew but this one is fun because it’s a lift-the-flap book. I also really like this Sesame Street: Let’s Go Potty Elmo! board book. More Elmo Potty books: Potty Time Songs, Potty Time With Elmo, Elmo Potty Time My First Look and Find.

This is such a cute book from the perspective of a baby that has to go but just isn’t sure and the following delight at using the potty. This is a short and simple book that is great for younger potty trainers.

Princess Potty
A princess-themed potty training book great for kids that love princesses. This is a fun little book that introduces step-by-step concepts of potty training.

Pirate Potty
Written by the same author as Princess Potty this is a very similar step-by-step introduction to potty training just told by a pirate instead. So if you have a pirate loving kid this would be a great book.

Dino Potty: Learn to Potty with Dino
I have a dinosaur lover so this is such a great step-by-step potty guide for kids that like dinos. The fun rhymes in this board book help kids remember the steps.

Dino vs. Potty
We are big fans o Bob Shea’s books and this is no exception. A cute and simple book about a dinosaur that needs to us the potty. This is a great book for introducing kids to the concept of using the potty.

Big Girl Panties and Big Boy Underpants
These are fun rhyming books that help kids understand why they should say goodbye to diapers and wear underwear.

Vegetables in Underwear
This is such a fun and silly book that shows vegetables wearing different types of underwear teaching children the reason why they need to wear underwear. Great rhyming and colorful pictures, just a fun book.

Ninja Potty Break
A cute little book that empowers little ones to listen to their potty and take control when they need to do go.  Also, the ninja is a girl which is great for little girls that aren’t into princesses.


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