Our Home Warranty is Replacing Our Laminate Floors


Only a few weeks after we moved in our newly built home we noticed our floors were making a lot of noise. Then in a few places the boards started to peak. We knew something wasn’t right so when our first warranty submission opportunity rolled around we immediately addressed the issue.

Ok, let’s back up and get a little history on why we picked the floors that we currently have. Way back when we picked out all of our interior finishes at the design center the rep helped us decide which floors would be best for a family with 4 boys. We originally selected a slightly more expensive flooring but she deterred us from that one because it scratched easily. Knowing what style we liked she suggested the Armstrong Country Hearth flooring which we currently have. She told us that it was a durable floor that would do well for a family of 6. Based on her knowledge of the products we opted for the more durable option.

We were initially very pleased with the flooring after installation. They have a nice color variation and look nice with the design of our home, however the almost instantaneous reaction to the arrival of a North Carolina summer humidity proved they were not all that durable after all.

So after the contractor inspected the floors. A third party inspector came out to look at the floors, he informed us that several other homes in the neighborhood had similar problems. Then several weeks passed and we didn’t hear anything. I sent a few emails and was half expecting to hear back that somehow we were responsible for the floor’s current condition. However, I finally got a response and the contractor said they would be replacing our floors. We choose from a different line of flooring that is supposed to be more durable and resistant to humidity and water.

So the other day the contractor dropped off the samplings of Armstrong Rigid Core laminate flooring for us to look at. Joe and I spent a good deal of time reviewing all of the options and narrowed it down to 4.

1. Taupe Terrain
2. Gilded Earth
3. Roasted Chestnut
4. Peppercorn


After we decide on a new flooring the builder will order our floors and in a few weeks will remove our current floors and install the new floors. There isn’t an exact match to our current floors so we tried to determine what qualities we really like about the look of our current flooring.

Hopefully our new floors will look nice with our current design and will be more durable than the previous ones. We are very thankful we had a warranty on our new home and that our builder was good about fixing and obvious issue.


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