Art of the Brick Exhibit in Rocky Mount, NC

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On Saturday we took the boys on a short road trip to the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences in Rocky Mount, NC to see the Art of the Brick exhibit. (It was about a 45-minute drive.)

I’ve been wanting to take the boys to an art museum but wasn’t sure how it would work with 4 young boys. So, when I saw Art of the Brick I knew a Lego-based art form would be a hit.

Photo Aug 29, 11 13 26 AM

I was correct.

The Imperial Centre is a beautiful historic building that has been restored and now serves as a space for art, science, theater, and other community activities. The renovated Imperial Tobacco Company and old Braswell Memorial Library are located in downtown Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

This summer the Arts Center has been hosting Art of the Brick, the art of Nathan Sawaya. Sawaya crafts beautiful works of art using LEGO bricks. This exhibit features Sawaya’s sculptures alongside the photography of Dean West.

Photo Aug 29, 11 12 54 AM

The LEGO sculptures were incorporated in the photographs of everyday scenes making for an unexpectedly fun photo.

The boys were thrilled to see art that was made entirely of LEGO bricks.

Photo Aug 29, 11 13 55 AM

Jude’s favorite piece was entitled, “trapped”.

Photo Aug 29, 11 13 15 AM

He now wants to be a LEGO artist like Sawaya.

After viewing the exhibit we discovered an interactive play area designed to allow children to interact with art. There was a LEGO table, dress-up area with stage, weaving, drawing, and other fun activities.

Photo Aug 29, 12 10 31 PM
Photo Aug 29, 11 52 14 AM
Photo Aug 29, 11 37 02 AM
Photo Aug 29, 11 28 07 AM
Photo Aug 29, 11 20 34 AM

The exhibit was free but it’s ending soon (September 6th) so check it out!

We didn’t get to explore the entire facility but I would love to go back and check out the children’s museum.


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