Camp Lieb – Day 2 Space Day

Day 2 of Lieb Camp started a little late but we eventually got moving. The good thing about having summer camp at home is the flexibility of your schedule. We can change things up, be late of completely switch up the day if we like.

We started off the day with a Moon Rock hunt in the back yard. I bough some blue and green glass beads from the dollar store. Then I just threw them around the back yard, gave the boys bags and told them to go hunting for the moon rocks.

Photo Jul 21, 10 11 38 AM

Photo Jul 21, 10 16 17 AM

Photo Jul 21, 10 16 03 AM

After everyone counted out their moon rocks and were done playing outside we came in the air conditioned house (It was a super hot one on Space Day). We made Fruit Rockets for snack. I simply cut up a few strawberries and bananas, added some blueberries then gave the boys skewers to create the fruit rocket kabobs.

Photo Jul 21, 10 26 32 AM

When everyone had completed their snack we watch an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy (Planets) on Netflix Streaming.

Then we had a fun play date with my friend Kim and her daughter. They left around lunch time. I had planned on making hotdogs for lunch but I knew Jude was going to a swim meet that night and he would most likely eat a hotdog for dinner so I switched things up and made macaroni and cheese with a few sides. I had left over salad for myself.

After lunch Simon took a nap and the boys watched another episode of Bill Nye while they played with Legos.

While Simon was sleeping we made shape rockets and did a few fun space themed worksheets. Then I let them try Astronaut Ice Cream, they loved it. I then had them help me make Rice Krispy Treats for the first time.

Photo Jul 21, 2 33 07 PM (1)

Photo Jul 21, 3 53 44 PM

Photo Jul 21, 2 58 06 PM

Photo Jul 21, 3 56 22 PM

After Joe came home from work and before they had to leave for Jude’s swim meet we broke out Steve Spanglers Geyser Tube to make a soda rocket. I wish I’d gotten a video or picture because it was awesome.

While Joe and Jude were at the swim meet I took the rest of the crew to Whole Foods for a little shopping and dinner. Jude swim meet had a huge rain delay for a thunder storm so he didn’t get home until after 10pm.

Photo Jul 21, 5 45 46 PM

Photo Jul 21, 10 15 56 PM

Camp Lieb Day 2 was long and exhausting but totally awesome.


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