Breastfeeding Breakthrough

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abel 3 weeks

3 weeks old

Since we figured out that Abel was having trouble with my oversupply it was much easier for us to remedy the problem and get him nursing. I found that if I offered him the breast after I pumped a bit he had no problem latching on and didn’t become fussy afterward because he was getting plenty of the hind-milk.

After a few days of pumping a little before feeding him my milk supply started to even out and he became more proficient at latching and being able to compensate for the heavy letdown. I was able to slowly start pumping less each day and as of today he’s been 100% breastfed for over 3 days. I’m still having to pump at least once a day (usually before bed) because my supply is greater than his demand. But I am building a great freezer stash and even considering donating some to the milk bank if I can produce enough for the required donation.

I’m thrilled that he is now Exclusively Breastfed simply because it’s so much easier for me. No more pumping every. single. time. he wants to eat. No more worrying about having enough milk when we go out. No more washing pump parts and bottles. It’s just so much easier for me to be the food source at any given moment.

We’re still working out a rhythm for when he’s hungry verses needs to burp, has gas, etc… but I’m slowly learning his cues.

mama and abel by the fire


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