Advice from Breastfeeding Moms


Jude is working on his 3rd week of breastfeeding and it’s been a challenge. I knew it would be work but I’m learning it’s more work than I thought. I think once Jude and I sync up and get this breastfeeding thing down our life will be alot easier but for now it’s a constant challenge.

At first he had trouble latching on, then he wasn’t getting enough until my milk came in… then we had a few good days and I had an over-supply of milk and he basically had to learn how to breastfeed all over again. Now, he’s latching on but it’s extremely painful…. I’m hoping it is only a transitional phase but I don’t want to get him used to nursing improperly. According to all my research I think we’re doing everything right but who knows.

I realize most moms don’t initiate much less continue with breastfeeding. I want to defy the odds and give Jude the best nourishment possible.

If any of you knowledgeable moms have any advise please share your secrets with me….. I know Jude will appreciate it and me too!


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