Abel loves the Love to Dream Swaddle


Love to Dream SwaddleAbel keeps his arms up with the Love to Dream swaddle.

We’ve tried many different types of swaddles. There are so many different designs available but what I really love about the Love to Dream Swaddle Up is the simplistic design. There are no complicated straps, buckles, extra pieces of fabric or confusing design, it’s rather straight forward. One zipper and little piece of fabric to keep the zipper in place. The simple design means it’s easy to use and quick to put on or remove from baby.


I also love the reasoning behind the arms up design. I knew that babies sleep better when they are swaddled but the research behind the arms up design explains why babies sleep better with their arm up rather than held in close to their body. Basically, it’s a more natural position for them to sleep.

Your baby learns a lot about the world by bringing their hands to their mouth. It helps develop their mouth muscles, aids feeding, speech development & enables them to act out their natural rooting reflex.

Just having their hands near their mouth can help babies settle & sleep!

Just in the past 2 weeks Abel has gone from sleeping 1-2 hours in a row at night to sleeping over 5 hours straight. I attribute this not only to his good eating habits but also the comforting effect of the Love to Dream Swaddle Up.


About Love to Dream
Love to Dream is an Australian based company that was started by a mother who saw a need for an innovative swaddle. Former fashion designer, Hana designed the first Love to Dream swaddle over four years ago a now hundreds of thousands of babies are being swaddled in a Love to Dream swaddle.

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This review was made possible by Love to Dream. I was provided product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.


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