The Reality of Nesting during Pregnancy


Nesting is a cruel joke played on pregnant women. Your hormones and instincts get your brain thinking that all the things need to be cleaned and organized but your pregnant body can’t keep up with your brain’s crazy demands.

Nesting During PregnancyThe left side of our bedroom is ready for baby 4… all the baby items are cleaned and organized.

Nesting During Pregnancy

The right side of our bedroom looks like this. All the things we don’t know where to put end up in this chair.

Yesterday I decided to reorganize the toys and clothes for all the boys. I bought storage bins and shelves and sorted and moved heavy furniture all by myself. (stupid!) While my regular non-pregnant self would have been fine to handle such physical tasks my 37 week pregnant body wasn’t so compliant. I definitely over extended myself yesterday and today I get to reap the rewards with sore hips and exhaustion.

I’m sure Joe is tired of me ordering him to move stuff around but he happily complies and understands my need to make our home a welcoming place for this new baby. What makes nesting even MORE challenging now is the 3 small children that completely undo all the work I’ve done. Not even an hour after yesterday’s clean fest Noah promptly removed every. single. book from the bookshelf that I JUST organized. So goes life with toddlers.

As a mother with small children I’m learning to accept some of the messes but my inner clean freak will always cringe a little at the messes they constantly produce… constantly produce! It’s one of the many compromises of being a mom, one that I’m happy to make… most days.

I dream of having a professional house cleaner or organizer come and revamp my home but I know that once the children have been set free in the house all of that hard work would disappear in a matter of minutes. Still, I have this desire to clean and purge and organize… thanks to pregnancy hormones.


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