Pregnancy Update: A Scary Morning


This morning we were awoken before the sun by a very awake 4 year old. Joe turned on a TV show for Jude so we could rest for a few more minutes.

I haven’t been sleeping well in general so an extra early wake-up call was NOT how I wanted to start my day, little did I know things would get weirder. Not long thereafter I started to have blurred, spotted vision. I was still lying in bed but my eyes were not able to fully focus on anything. (I had this happen a few weeks ago and it passed after about an hour. I think this is called an ocular migraine) I continued to lay in bed while Joe got up with the boys. Finally, I decided I was feeling a bit better and needed to take a shower. (I had a scheduled OB appointment at 9am)

After I got out of the shower my head got all foggy. I sat on the bed and was having a hard time remembering things, things like Joe’s name. I could recall his name but it didn’t seem right, like I was misremembering. I tried going through other people I knew to recall their names and everything was a blur. I called out to Joe and told him what was going on (to the best of my ability). He held my hand and made sure I had something to eat and drink. He also started Googling things like crazy on his phone. I started to gain a little clarity and decided I needed to finish getting ready so I could go to my appointment. As I walked into the closet the left side of my mouth and tongue went numb. That’s when I started to really freak out.

I was still a little foggy, having weird vision and now my tongue was numb. The boys were getting antsy and Jude needed to go to school, so I told Joe to call my doctor to see if I could reschedule so he could drive me to the doctor after he dropped Jude off at school. Finally, after consulting with my mom and the triage nurse we were able to go in to the doctor (2 hours after my scheduled appointment).

Joe drove me to the OB while my mom took care of the boys. All of my vitals checked out perfect. The midwife thinks the baby was either pressing a nerve or my calcium/potassium levels were off. They drew some blood and said if I continued to have issues to call back and they would admit to the hospital to be put on an IV. She recommended I go home and try to rest and eat frequently for the rest of the day.

So far I haven’t had any reoccurring symptoms of this morning’s incidents and I’m hoping it was just the baby on a nerve but needless to say it was not fun. I’ve never had any symptoms like these with my other pregnancies so I was not at all prepared or even aware of what to do.

The good news is the baby looks 100% fine and is measuring about 38 weeks so hopefully this pregnancy is nearing it’s end.


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