I’m adding hairstylist to my resume

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I often cut the boys’ hair. I have no professional and heavily rely on YouTube videos to guide me through the process. The first time I ever cut anyone’s hair was when Joe and I were dating. I cut his hair using my mom’s clipper set from when my dad was in the Air Force. It took me well over an hour to cut is hair and in the end it looked absolutely the same as before I cut it. Eventually my mom took over and he looked somewhat presentable.

For a few more years I attempted to cut Joe’s hair solely because we were broke and couldn’t afford to get him a “real” haircut. I got a little bit better but Joe prefers to have a professional cut his hair now. I can’t blame him.

However, I do cut the boys’ hair on occasion. It’s obviously cheaper and easier to coordinate. For a while it was pretty difficult to cut Jude’s hair because of his intense sensitivity to the clippers so on occasion I would take him to one of those places that specialized in haircuts for kids. But now that he’s older he is actually doing a little bit better sitting still and not freaking out.

The other day I cut both Noah and Jude’s hair. I was attempting a two-tiered style that’s popular with all the kids these days. It started out OK but once I found their cowlicks things got a little dicey. I had to trim both of their haircuts shorter than I anticipated but in the end I think it turned out pretty cute.

I wish I could go to cosmetology school just to learn how to cut hair for my boys. That’s a bit much huh?


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