Jude’s First Brain Freeze

Yesterday was a gloriously warm spring-like January day. (We’ve had a lot of those lately.) So I decided we needed to take full advantage of this warm weather and get out of the house. 
Lately, Jude has been a bit of a homebody so it took some persuasions (aka bribery) to get him into the van. I told him we could get a special treat while we were out. I gave him the option of either a cupcake or ice cream and without hesitation he chose ice cream (he is his father’s son). 

So we went to Goodberrys, our favorite local frozen custard shop. I then gave Jude the choice of vanilla or chocolate and surprisingly he choose vanilla (he must not be my son). He began devouring his ice cream and within seconds experienced his first brain freeze. I was fortunate enough to capture this momentous occasion on my camera.
He declared, “My eyeball hurts!”
But a little brain freeze didn’t stop him….
This stuff is good mama!

What a milestone.

P.S. I love the lady eating her ice cream in the background!


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