Sick Day for Dada – Day Date for Mama

FroYo Date

I used to be bitter that Joe could “take the day off” when he got sick. Mom’s don’t get a day off! But I’m learning to embrace sick days.

Yesterday afternoon Joe came home early from work because he wasn’t feeling well. It kind of threw off my plans for the day but I just went with it. We got both of the littles down for their afternoon nap and I decided to take Jude out for a mother/son afternoon date… so Joe could rest.

Photo Feb 21, 4 00 36 PM

Photo Feb 21, 4 40 15 PM

Photo Feb 21, 4 54 21 PM

Jude and I had a marvelous time shopping at the mall, eating frozen yogurt and playing at the park. I got some one-on-one time with my oldest son and Joe got to snuggle with sleeping babies.

I’m not saying I like it when anyone is sick but Daddy Sick Days aren’t actually that bad.


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