Week in My Life – Friday 10/25


Adventuroo WIML fri 13Friday was fun! Jude had his 1st field trip EVER. Jude, Simon, my mom and I went with Jude’s class to Vollmer Farm. Joe worked from home and watched Noah. (Being 2 years old Noah is too active to participate in the field trip activities Jude’s class had lined up. I would like to take him to Vollmer Farm sometime, I know he would love it.)

It was freezing cold, the first real cold day in NC this year. But we bundled up and stayed fairly warm. Jude’s class learned about Holstein cows and how to make butter. vollmer cows butterThere was so much to do at the farm.

vollmer play

vollmer animalsWe got home around 1:45pm. Simon was ready for his nap. After Simon and Noah went down for their naps Jude and I went out again. Jude got all green dots on his behavior chart this week (A 1st and a big deal for overcoming some of his SPD issues.) so we had to celebrate. First we returned some books to the library. Jude was very sad to return Awesome Dawson (check it out). I let him run them in to the drop box by himself, he thought he was big stuff.


Then we got Frosties at Wendy’s for Jude’s special treat. He requested chocolate.


Then to Target to look at the toys. I always get the wonky cart.

wiml25_18Jude’s happy place, the Lego aisle.

wiml25_19Then home for pizza and movie night. Tonight’s selection, Hotel Transylvania. We usually make pizza but after today’s packed schedule I went with frozen.


Note the towels under the high chairs, we’ve learned from experience that this is a good idea.




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