The Ultimate Summer Bucket List – 100 Ideas

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Summer is one of the best times of the year. It’s a season of relaxation and exploration, with more time to try new things. A few summers ago, my family and I decided to spice up our summer routine by creating an annual summer bucket list. We filled it with activities we’ve always wanted to try, from hiking to making homemade ice cream.

A Summer Bucket List is a great way to make memories and spend time on new experiences. If you’re looking to add some excitement to your summer, this is a great place to start!

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Summer Bucket List Ideas of the Family

  1. Go to the pool
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Make homemade lemonade
  4. Watch the planes take off at the airport
  5. Visit the Farmer’s Market
  6. Collect seashells on the beach
  7. Draw with sidewalk chalk (Write words of encouragement at the park)
  8. Mail a letter
  9. Play a family board game
  10. Family movie at home w/ popcorn
  11. Bake something new
  12. Visit the Aquarium
  13. Visit the Zoo
  14. Visit the library
  15. Visit a local ice cream shop
  16. 5 ROAK (Random Acts of Kindness)
  17. Make edible necklaces
  18. Make homemade popsicles
  19. Hike a new trail
  20. Create a scavenger hunt
  21. Have a water balloon fight
  22. Go to the movies
  23. Make bubbles
  24. Set up a lemonade stand
  25. Have a party just because
  26. Go fishing
  27. Create a fairy garden
  28. Go to an outdoor concert
  29. Make snow cones
  30. Play frisbee
  31. Have a dance party
  32. Go to a sports game
  33. Play on a slip-n-slide
  34. Learn Origami
  35. Make Bracelets
  36. Have a puppet show
  37. Finger Paint
  38. Make a birdhouse
  39. Visit the fire station and take them cookies
  40. Make slime
  41. Play in the sprinkler
  42. Have a spa night
  43. Play baseball
  44. Kayak or Canoe
  45. Campout in the backyard
  46. Jump Rope
  47. Fly a Kite
  48. Build a blanket fort
  49. Join a reading program
  50. Make paper airplanes
  51. Play laser tag
  52. Crochet or Knit
  53. Play mini-golf
  54. Try an online class
  55. Pick fruit
  56. Read outside
  57. Make smoothies
  58. Take a bike ride
  59. Watch fireworks
  60. Have a firepit
  61. Hula Hoop
  62. Plant a garden
  63. Visit the splash pad
  64. Go paddle boarding
  65. Make a nature collage
  66. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  67. Have a water fight
  68. Go to a garage sale
  69. Make root beer floats
  70. Get a temporary tattoo
  71. Make popsicles
  72. Campout indoors
  73. Play kickball
  74. Make pizza
  75. Do a science experiment
  76. Volunteer
  77. Paint rocks
  78. Eat breakfast for dinner
  79. Play beach volleyball
  80. Have a slumber party
  81. Run in a race
  82. Take pictures around town
  83. See a play or musical
  84. Play hopscotch
  85. Make an obstacle course
  86. Tie-Dye
  87. Celebrate Christmas in July
  88. Go geocaching
  89. Create a time capsule
  90. Try a new food
  91. Play flashlight tag
  92. Make a flower bouquet
  93. Go bowling
  94. Have a movie marathon
  95. Play video games
  96. Go to an arcade
  97. Visit a planetarium
  98. Take a class
  99. Plan a fancy dinner at home
  100. Make something with clay
Summer Bucket List

How to Create a Summer Bucket List

Create a summer bucket list with new and old experiences to beat summer boredom. Refer to the list when boredom strikes. Make a first draft to clarify your priorities before involving the kids in creating the list.


Start by brainstorming. Determine what activities you want to include, as this will set the tone for the summer and ensure the children’s needs and interests are considered.

Here are some questions to think about:

  • What are our favorite things to do?
  • Are there any skills or subjects we want to learn?
  • Is there something in our community we haven’t experienced yet?
  • What are some easy or inexpensive activities that make us think of summer?
  • Are there any day trips we want to take?

Then, take this list to your kids and get their ideas and suggestions. Their input is valuable and will make them feel included in the planning process.

Find New Local Activities

Summer is the perfect time to explore new activities in your local community. Join local Facebook mom groups or follow local Instagram accounts to find new activities. Here are some ideas of what to look for:

  • Local festivals or events hosted by your city
  • Free or low-cost vents at your library, recreation, or community center
  • New playgrounds
  • 4th of July fireworks
  • Day trip to a water park or amusement park
  • Outdoor activities

Create a Summer Routine

Create a summer schedule to make your days run smoothly. A routine not only increases a child’s sense of independence but also empowers them with a feeling of control. This can significantly reduce parental nagging and foster better behavior. This is one big reason we make a summer bucket list.

Here are some ideas to incorporate:

  • A printable checklist of chores
  • A goal chart for summer reading or other accomplishment
  • A morning routine board
  • A boredom jar to help kids learn to take responsibility for their entertainment
  • A calendar to show special outings or appointments

Remember to consider the ages of your children when planning summer activities to ensure they are suitable and enjoyable for everyone.

Create a Calendar

Add date-specific events such as parades, fireworks, holiday BBQs, and s’mores nights to your family calendar. Once you’ve added these activities to your calendar, you can plan other activities around them. This will help you organize your summer plans while ensuring a fun summer for the whole family.


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