New Sleeping Arrangements

In a few weeks Simon will be a year old and last night was the first night he slept somewhere other than our bedroom. Joe and I figured it was time for Simon to move upstairs with the big boys so yesterday we finally kicked him out… not really, but sort of.

Having Simon in our room wasn’t really a big deal until recently when he started waking up at every little noise. We’d come in the room, he’d wake up. I’d roll over, he’d wake up. And since he was in our room every little noise he made kept me awake so it was really hard to let him “work it out”.

We put off the move because we were scared of how Jude and Noah would handle becoming roommates, but we bit the bullet figuring it was going to be tough no matter what. So yesterday we moved Noah’s bed to Jude’s room, rearranged all of their clothes and set up the crib. The big boys were super excited about their “sleepover”.

JudeNoahroomNo fancy bedrooms here, they’d just tear it apart anyway. Jude’s bed (left) was my dad’s childhood bed and Noah’s bed (right) is the trundle part of Joe’s childhood bed. Maybe I’ll get them matching comforters or something.

Noah took his afternoon nap in his “new room” and it went wonderfully. I thought maybe we’d over-exaggerated how difficult this transition would be, maybe they would surprise us. WRONG. I forgot that Jude is the instigator so when bedtime rolled around Noah was all ready for bed and Jude thought it was sleepover-party-fun-time. Finally around 9:30 pm (bedtime is 7:30) the boys passed out, after being told to go to bed many times. We tried to be gracious knowing the new arrangement was new and exciting but we finally had to lay down the law.

The good news is Simon went to bed great in his new room! I had a little difficultly sleeping because I worried about Simon, was he too cold, was he crying and I couldn’t hear him… I woke up around 5am waiting for him to cry and then around 5:30 he woke up at which point Joe brought him in with us where I nursed him back to sleep. We both slept for a little long while Joe got up and took care of Noah.

Noah woke up around 6 because he didn’t remember where he was and was upset. I know he’ll eventually get used to his new room. I had to wake up Jude at 8:30 because he had school otherwise who knows how long he would have slept.

It wasn’t the easiest of nights but it certainly could have been worse, he’s hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight.

Do you have any advice for siblings sharing a room?


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