Jude’s Surgery is Tomorrow


child surgery prepJude’s hernia surgery is scheduled for 11:15 am tomorrow morning.

Initially I wasn’t too worried about the procedure but as the time gets closer the more anxious I’ve become.

We have to be at the hospital at 9:15 am and he can’t have anything to eat after midnight. So I’m nervous about how he will fare without eating for so long, he gets moody when he doesn’t eat. I’m hoping if we keep him distracted he won’t notice that he’s hungry. I’m also worried how the anesthesia will effect him, with his history of weird side effects from medicines plus family history of sensitivity to anesthesia it causes me to be a little concerned. I’m also concerned about how the little boys will fare while Grammie is watching them. She is great with the boys but sometimes Noah is weird about going to sleep if we aren’t here and I’m worried that I haven’t pumped enough milk for Simon.

All in all, I’m worrying way too much and it’s not healthy. Thankfully the hospital knows that parents worry when their kids have surgery and so far they have done a great job keeping us informed and addressing all of our concerns. They’ve called us and even sent us this very informative and helpful brochure which address pretty much every concern I have (except for getting Noah to take a nap when we are gone). I know that we’ve done our job preparing and the rest is in God’s hands.

If you are a praying person would you please pray with us for these things:

  1. Jude has a positive reaction to the anesthesia.
  2. Jude doesn’t have a meltdown from not being able to eat.
  3. Jude isn’t nervous our anxious about the surgery.
  4. Jude has a quick recovery from the surgery.
  5. Noah and Simon to do well with Grammie while Joe and I are at the hospital with Jude.
  6. Peace for Joe and I as we prepare for Jude’s surgery.

I know that God is in control and the doctors and nursing staff are very skilled but it’s still difficult to put your child into the hospital for any reason.

If anyone has any advice on how to prepare a child for surgery I’m all ears.


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