Lately I’ve been thinking alot about the importance of community. Joe and I have a large group of friends but we don’t always see or hang out with them. Because some of them live in other parts of the country/world and because most of us are pretty busy on a daily schedule. But after we got married we decided it would be important for us individually and as a couple to become involved in one of our church’s Home Groups (Community Groups). So naturally we joined Jerry and Andrea’s group because we had a prior relationship with them but as soon as we join we knew it was a good fit for us. Our group is comprised of people in their late 20’s/ 30’s, mostly newly married couples, and most recently new parents (we have 3 babies and 1 one on the way!). Each week we get together to share a potluck dinner, study the Sunday sermon, pray and fellowship. Occasionally we get together to have a night of fun and just build friendships. Through the group we’ve met new people and built stronger relationships with people whom we were previously just acquaintances.

I think all parts of our group are important but the fact that we are building God-centered relationships with others has proven to be a wonderful blessing. I’ve seen it most recently, after Jude was born. Our group (with the help of our other friends) arranged meals for us for an entire month. Not only did they bring us meals but they helped clean our house, brought us other necessities, and offered us company. Our group jumps at the chance to help each other and anyone in need. Here are a few of the examples of how powerful a group of God-centered friend can be: providing meals to new parents, meals to families in need, helping move, helping find jobs, offering their homes, reaching out to the hurting, and most important praying for all of these things. Any one person can offer this kind of love but for a community of people to constantly support each other is a sure sign that God is working among them. I’m constantly impressed with the level of love and support our group has for each other and for strangers. I think anyone can get together with a group of people and talk about the Bible but to be open and honest with each other about our struggles and fears is a difficult think to do. I respect each person in our group and hope we continue to grow spiritually and relationally. God never meant for us to go through this life alone.


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