Sunday: Saturday Part 2

With all this crazy weather in NC all of everything was closed on Sunday, including church. To be honest I was a little bit glad to have a day off. I dearly love my church but with Joe working a 12 hour shift all day Saturday and the previously crazy week we had it was comforting to know we had no where to be.



We all slept in a bit, I let Joe sleep in even longer since he’s been working so hard lately. Then we layered up and headed out for a snowy walk. There’s a big hill in our neighborhood where all of the kids and parents congregate to sled. Jude enjoyed watching the crazy kids and dads but mostly wanted to chase around the dogs and stomp in the street slush.


Joe took Jude on the sled twice and I don’t think he cared for it much. Mostly because it was noon and he was cold, tired and hungry. After lunch and a long long nap we headed down the road to Krispy Kreme. We had a pile of free donut coupons that were getting ready to expire so we bought 2 dozen donuts and invited the Serozi family to join us. Jude got a balloon and two donuts, which he called faffles. (faffles = waffles)

After gorging ourselves on faffles we went home, ate pizza, put the boy to bed and watched 9. Overall it was an excellent secret Saturday. Joe said it was the best 1 day weekend he’s ever had.

Since Joe doesn’t get off work for anything he’s been working his regularly schedule shifts while schools are closed and businesses are delayed. They weatherman is forecasting snow again this weekend but I’m dreading it a little less this time since Joe doesn’t have to work on Saturday.


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