Three Bears Acres – Creedmoor, NC

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The other day we took the boys to Three Bears Acres in Creedmoor, NC for a little birthday fun.

Jude is obsessed with tree houses so when I heard about Three Bears Acres (they have a mega tree house) I knew it would be the perfect place to take him. Joe took a day off work, we packed a picnic lunch and decided to visit on Toddler Thursdays (which saved us about $20 admission).

The boys loved every activity and were sufficiently worn out at the end of our day. Joe and I took a ton of pictures, here are just a few…





What you can do at Three Bears Acres:

  • Tree Houses
  • Toboggan Slide
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Water Wall
  • Graffiti Wall
  • Sling Shot
  • Archery
  • Water War Zone
  • Water Table
  • Jump Pillow
  • Open Play
  • Paddle Boats
  • Fishing in Big Bear Pond
  • and more…

The philosophy of Three Bears Acres is that “our best days are spent outside exploring at children’s own pace and not organized on a time schedule.” I love the idea of letting gets get outside and explore.

Tips for Visiting Three Bears Acres

Pack a change of clothes – Kids are guaranteed to get dirty and wet. We kept a change of clothes in the car for the boys to change into before we headed home.

Bring Snacks, Lunch & Drinks – Bring plenty of water, all that outdoor play will make everyone thirsty. Three Bears has a concession area but I always like to bring stuff I know my kids will eat. Plus you can have a snack wherever you are and don’t have to leave your activity area. (They have a good amount of seating all throughout the area)

Be mobile – Don’t bring a stroller if possible, the terrain is rugged and struggling with a stroller will be annoying. I strapped Simon to me in the baby carrier and put all of our essentials in a backpack that way my hands were free to have fun.

Bring sunscreen & bug repellant – You will be outside the whole time, the sun is hot and there will probably be some bugs. Be sure to check for ticks after you leave, we didn’t find any on us but you want to be safe.

Let kids be kids – Let them get dirty (you did pack a change of clothes after all). Let them explore (with a watchful eye on them of course). Let them be loud and crazy and have tons of fun.

three bears acres

 Three Bears Acres encourages running, jumping, yelling, climbing and just being a kid!

I received no compensation or product in exchange for this post. We paid admission and wanted to share our experience with everyone.



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