Our Annual Christmas Tree Adventure


Snow was in the forecast and everyone was excited and anxious. Joe and I wanted to get the Christmas tree set up soon so we loaded the kids in the van and drove down the road to the local Christmas tree lot. It wasn’t easy but we finally picked the best tree on the lot and brought it home. Every year we take a family trip to the Christmas tree lot to pick out our tree. Sometimes we pick a fat one or an intentionally wonky tree, but every year it’s perfect.

We listened to Christmas music and a fire roared in the fireplace while Joe set up the tree and trimmed it with lights. Meanwhile, the boys and I built and decorated gingerbread houses at the kitchen table. Once the tree was ready for decorating my 4 boys covered it in our treasured collection of ornaments within a matter of minutes. Every year there is bickering over who gets to put which ornament on the tree and squeals of joy as they discover their favorite ornament. It’s a furious race to see who can put the most ornaments on the tree but in the end we are all delighted with the brightly shining tree that adorns our living room.

The boxes from the attic are strewn about the living room as the dark snow clouds roll in. We sit on the sofa admiring our handy work as the Winter Wonderland plays softly in the background. Despite the meltdowns and sibling squabbles it’s been a full day of family time and my heart is happy, tired but happy.

Did you know 90% of parents plan to decorate for the holidays!? According to a new survey from Juicy Juice and ORC International, a vast majority of parents plan to deck the halls for the winter holidays or to ring in the New Year.

What is left on your Christmas to do list?

I am a paid endorser for Juicy Juice and received compensation for support of Juicy Juice.


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