I’m inviting myself over

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When I was a kid our family used to pile in the car on a Sunday afternoon and just randomly stop by someone’s house. This was before Facebook, texting, cell phones, pagers or even caller ID. If you were home we’d come visit. No need to clean, we’re friends.

I miss the days of hanging out at people’s houses. Now we have to send Evites and go out to a restaurant. What happened to going to a friends house for dinner or just stopping by to say hi?

I love having people come to my house. I’d much rather sit in the living room and chat than struggle to hear you over the roar of a busy restaurant. Maybe it’s because I get stressed by crowds or I’m old fashion but home is where relationships are built. Let the kids play upstairs and let’s catch up (with a watchful eye on the kids of course).

So if you see me on your door step don’t be afraid, I’m just stopping by to say hi. (Don’t worry, if we don’t actually know each other in real life I won’t stalk you.) You’re welcome to stop by my house anytime (same stalking rules apply), the floors will probably be littered with toys and sink full of dirty dishes but it’s OK, it’s life we’re living here.


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