Whole30 – Day 12

Saturday  was gorgeous here in NC. After the morning fog rolled away and we ate lunch we headed outside to visit a local park, get coffee and go grocery shopping for Week 3 (which starts tomorrow) of our Whole30 Challenge.

Breakfast: Fried Egg, Bacon and Sweet Potato Hash

Fried Egg, Bacon and Sweet Potato Hash

I’m still working on a Sweet Potato Hash Brown Recipe that isn’t took soggy and not burnt. Today I grated the Sweet Potato and cooked it in a bit of oil, covered to help cook the sweet potato and then removed to lid to continue browning them so they would become crisp. I didn’t get the sweet potato cooked all they way through and they weren’t crunchy enough but I think I’m getting there.

Also, Joe hates it when I call it sweet potato hash, he prefers the term, “hash browns”.

Lunch: Cleaned out the fridge. We ate the last bit of leftover chili, some veggies that needed to be eaten, fruit and a bit of turkey and ham.


Dinner: Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries and Peas


We love burger night, especially topped with roasted red pepper, tomato and guacamole.

I packed a few snacks for our afternoon outing we only at the fruit and brought home the assorted nuts to eat later.


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