That Time When the Target Employee Almost Called the Cops


I’m pretty sure a Target employee was following me around the store the other day.
I’m also pretty sure she was trying to determine weather or not she should call the police or child protective services.

That is not a good feeling when you’re a parent.

Let me give you a little insight into why the employees and patrons of Target were concerned for the well being of me and my children.

After a nice lunch with Joe I decided to stop by the Super Target to pick up a few grocery items we needed. When I parked next to the cart return I noticed the big cart that allows you to seat 2 children. Although Noah wasn’t technically old enough I decided to use the cart anyway (btw, he did awesome and loved the new cart experience).

Jude however, was a little too excited to be that close to his brother.
We’ve been working on teaching Jude the idea of “Keeping His Hands To Himself” but apparently it’s a tough concept.

He kept poking, touching, and hitting Noah. Every time I stopped him and told him not to mess with Noah but he was feeling particularly testy that day. He kept pushing the limit and my fuse kept getting shorter. Every time he made Noah cry my voice got a little deeper and a little louder.

Then he pushed a big NO-NO button.

He tried to strangle his brother.

I was looking at an item on the shelf and look over to see Noah turning red and Jude laughing. At that point I lost it. I got right in Jude’s face, grabbed his hands and VERY STERNLY told him that was NOT OK and that he was NEVER to put his hands around anyone’s neck.

I guess I got a little loud because all eyes were on me.

I didn’t use any inappropriate language.
I didn’t hit him or use any excessive force.

But I was VERY serious and VERY straightforward about the severity of the situation.

I’m assuming no one saw the part where he was strangling his brother because I would assume most people would understand that type of action requires very STRICT and IMMEDIATE intervention.

I was furious but also humiliated.
My child, who can behave acceptably in public, was out of control and had pushed me to my limit. I felt I handled the situation as best I could and I don’t regret being strict with him but no one wants to have their tough parenting moments flaunted in the middle of Target.


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