Summer Bucket List: Go to The Pool

Yesterday we started to tackle our Summer Bucket List.
Our neighborhood pool has been open for a few weeks but I’ve been hesitant to take both boys by myself. Well, I finally got up the nerve and it was actually pretty awesome.
I’m so thankful for the kiddie pool. Jude can’t swim but he thinks he can and Noah just loves being in the water so I feel pretty comfortable letting them splash around in the kiddie pool. Mr. Personality, Jude made friends with little girl immediately while Noah and I hung out in the shade. We only stayed for about 45 minutes but everyone seemed pretty happy with our first trip to the pool.
I really want my boys to love the pool. Because we live in the house I grew up in, the neighborhood pool is the place where I spent all of my summers. It’s also where I had my first job, as a lifeguard. I want these boys to have fond memories of this place, so we will be visiting often.

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