Father’s Day at the Food Truck Rodeo


I almost forgot that we crossed off another item from our Summer Bucket List, eat from a Food Truck.

I told Joe that he could have anything he wanted for lunch on Father’s Day, then I told him about the Food Truck Rodeo in Durham, NC. He mulled over his options and eventually decided he wanted to eat lunch at the Food Truck Rodeo. The Food Truck Rodeo is a collection of about 30+ local food trucks in the Durham City Park.

Food Truck Father's Day LunchKnowing it would probably be pretty crowded, we got there early and scoped out the options. There were so many options, everything from crepes to pizza to burgers to coffee and much more. We decided to get lunch from Parlez-Vous Crepes, it was delicious. The line was long but totally worth it. Jude decided he didn’t want a crepe and by the that time he was overly hungry and all of the lines were really long so we compromised and let him eat popcorn for lunch. We finished off our meal with sno-cones, mainly because we were out of cash and they accepted credit cards.

food truck rodeofood truck crowdscrepeI was a little bummed it was so packed and the lines were so long because I wanted to try so many different things but that just means we’ll have to hunt down a few more trucks and eat lunch from a food truck again!


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