Not Ashamed To Brag On My Husband

On Monday I wrote about how my husband totally rocked Mother’s Day weekend. After I posted it I started to feel a little guilty about it. 

Because I felt it might make other mothers who didn’t have a great Mother’s Day feel bad.

It’s silly really because first of all I shouldn’t care what people think and secondly, I would much rather read a post about someone’s awesome husband than a complaining post about their husband. I mentioned this before but I believe there are things better left unsaid… typed. I hate reading posts where someone publicly bashes their spouse. HATE IT.

I love reading posts about ways that husbands and wives uplift each other. No one has a perfect marriage but if we spent less time dwelling on all the negatives we’d be able to notice more of the good things. I’ve been trying really hard to find joy in the little things and when you start to notice goodness around you, you can’t help but share it.

All that to say, I’m not going to feel bad when I blog about my awesome husband. And truth be told the last few Mother’s Days have been total bombs so I think a little doting it totally warranted this year.


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