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Keeping fit during pregnancy is just as important, if not more so, as any other time. When I workout during pregnancy I like to remind myself that I am training for a marathon, a birthing marathon. As long as the doctor gives you the OK I think all pregnant women should exercise regularly.

I’ve found that having maternity specific workout clothes make a huge difference. Just become a fabric is stretchy doesn’t mean it will fit properly and most importantly offer the best support. And as a bonus there are several companies that offer super cute workout clothes for pregnant women.

Here are a few great products designed specifically for pregnant women to wear when they workout:

The Elite Tank from Impact Fitness Wear is cute and very practical. There is no inner bra so you can choose your own bra that offers the level of support you need. This is particularly nice when pregnancy increases your bust size and sensitivity. Price: $48.00

The Ocean Lily 3 in 1 Maternity Capri from Maternity Active Wear is my all time favorite maternity workout pant. I have these pants and wear them often, I like that you can pull them up over your belly or fold it down. Price $74.00

The Ivy Tank from Via Prive Mamma is specially designed to not ride up on the bottom. I haven’t tried out this top but I do have the problem so I’d be willing to give it a try. Price: $60

For those of you that like to run or do other high impact exercise the Tech Distance Capri from Fit2BMom is great. The body contouring fit allows for a full range of motion and the drawcord waist lets you adjust to your comfort level around your baby belly. Price: $69.00

For a more affordable option the Maternity Active GoDry Tees from Old Navy are great for everyday workouts. They are made with a soft, stretchy GoDry jersey that wicks away moisture for peak performance. Price: $29.94

For all of the runners out there check out the Black Maternity Fitness Skirt from Running Skirts. The skirt is made with a built in compression shorts underneath and offer a belly panel that can be worn over or under the belly. Price: $68.00

Most importantly I’d suggest investing in a good sports bra like the Enell Sport/Nursing Bra from Fit Maternity. This isn’t a pretty bra but it offers great support, especially for larger breasts and the front closure makes it easier to nurse baby. Price: $60.00

Don’t forget about a good pair of shoes and accessories like headbands or belly supports.

Overall, find a comfortable fit that offers you the support needed and make sure you consult with your doctor before exercising.

I received no product or compensation in exchange for this post, I just like looking at maternity clothes and wanted to share with you.


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