Maternity What to Wear – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is tomorrow. 
We will be having a cookout with all of our family and friends.
Here in NC it’s supposed to be pretty warm, with a slight chance of afternoon storms. So my outfit needs to be comfortable, casual and most importantly keep me stay cool.
Memorial Day Maternity Fashion

I’m a sucker for stripes and I thought since it’s Memorial Day it would be fun to pay tribute to the United States flag. I didn’t want to go full out red, white and blue; stars and stripes, so I chose a red, white and black color palette with stripes and a little shimmer of stars on the necklace. I love this outfit, it has cookout written all over it.

Unfortunately, I don’t own any of the items listed above but I will be wearing a fun outfit tomorrow. I’ll post pictures to let you know what I DID end up wearing.

In the mean time, I hope you have a Happy Memorial Day!

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