The Glucose Update

Many of you know that last Monday I took the 3-hour glucose test to check for gestational diabetes after I failed the 1-hour test.

I knew the 3-hour test was going to be no picnic but it was probably the longest and most boring 3 hours of my life. After fasting for 8 hours I drove across town to the LapCorp office my doctors recommended. Luckily, it wasn’t too busy and I didn’t have to wait long. They drew my first sample of blood, made me drink the nasty orange drink, gave me a timer and made me wait in the waiting room. Apparently, none of the nurses knew how to operate the timer because I sat for a few minutes until I realized they never pushed start.

The waiting room was very bland, had a handful of very dated magazines and nothing else to keep me occupied. So, I did a lot of people watching. Here are the highlights of my day:

  • There was a man named John Edwards (not the famous politician) the techs joked about it with him, he humored them acting like it was the first time anyone brought it up.
  • I’m pretty sure a man that didn’t speak English very well lied to the tech when she asked him if he’d been fasting. He wasn’t a good liar.
  • An elderly woman had to be escorted back into the office because she was bleeding all over the place.
  • An older woman was cursing at her Nook and almost hitting it because she was having trouble getting the touch-screen to respond properly. Turns out she had her thumb on the other side of the screen.

There were many interesting people that came in and out of the office, I just sat there and waited. Every hour the timer would go off and they would draw more blood. They drew blood 3 times from the exact same spot. I had bruising on both of my arms and I’m pretty sure I looked like a junky. As soon as the 3 hours were up I went to the car and ate my snack then went home and had lunch with my boys.

If I have to go in again for blood work I will be more prepared with an arsenal of gossip magazines and my Nook.

So, after all of that I never got a call from the doctors, which I’m assuming means I don’t have gestational diabetes. They say if they don’t call assume the results are good, so I’m assuming.


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